Social Media Platforms In 2018

Social media platforms nowadays are not only for making friends and posting photos. They have grown into something much more meaningful. Today you can create a brand and connect with customers and potential clients. Correct usage of this opportunity gives you the option to use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other networks to your advantage and generate leads. Getting an information was never easier, it’s just about using the right source of information. Here are some of the best options for using your social media in the marketing field:

Using the most popular social media network as a lead generator

1) Facebook

Choosing Facebook as a source undoubtedly means managing paid ads. Facebook lead ads are ads that appear in between posts in your news feed. They contain an ad for business or product and the button you can click on. The good thing about lead ads is that all it takes is two clicks.

A smartphone user shows the Facebook application on his phone in Zenica, in this photo illustration

There a few things you need to consider when creating a lead ad. First up is content. If you want people to sign up you got to give some of what will they get from signing up or getting the product. Another thing you should consider is images. People process visuals faster than text.

2) Twitter

Trying to generate leads on Twitter is still in the early stage, but with the time it is going to be a great platform for your business. Using twitter cards you can attach photos, movie content to tweets to help you with the traffic on your website.  Also, track mentions of your brand, because it is important to know what the client is saying, and use that to get a new one. You should consider creating events on Twitter, Q&A, with topics relatable to your industry but not your company.

People will talk and present themselves as a lead.

3) Linkedin

LinkedIn must be the best place for gathering leads because it gravitates toward professional people and their networks. Offering a free sample is a great solution for getting a quality leads. Inbound marketing is also popular on LinkedIn, content marketing is the key.


Show what are you capable of doing, present valuable ideas and pieces of information that could be recognized by professionals and you will get leads. With a LinkedIn lead, gen forms will make potential customers leave their information in the most satisfying way possible.

Other sources

Webinars are nowadays one the most popular ways to present your capabilities and products. Using the option of live video on your social media is a powerful tool. Consider including awards for the participant in the contest, quizzes and be sure to follow comments afterward. If your video is specialized it will gain fewer leads, but they will be more targeted.

Geotargeting helps you narrow your search at a particular area when choosing new clients. It is mainly used by local businesses but the benefits can be seen in big and internet companies also. When you know who can be your potential clients it’s easier.