About Us

The agencies who have established interaction with potential clients throw all sorts of quizzes can increase your chances of getting a better lead. We can proudly say that we are among first business that started using lead generation in that sort of way.

By studying businesses of other companies we acknowledged they mainly do not focus on every element in the process. We always make sure that our quiz is optimized for email collection, because if it does not match the offer, if it isn’t in relation with your product or service that you are selling, then emails won’t convert into leads.

We found out that the optimal number of questions is more than five less than ten because every question above that limit makes people less engaged. Also, we utilize quizzes by pairing it with other social media campaigns.

It is safe to say that quizzes became a perfect way to collect data and are on the way just like us on becoming the leader in the department. That being said it is unknown why people are still having doubts, because quizzes brought us only complementary results. Let us generate leads for you in a way that made us.