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What is your icecream flavor?

Which flavor of everyone's favorite frozen treat are you? We had lots of requests for this one. Take our test below to determine what color the stain on your shirt will be! Finger lickin good!


Which best describes you?

Normal and conformist
Multi faceted
Sometimes rough, sometimes smooth
Rich and flamboyant

Which type of music do you prefer?

Dance / Electronica
Classical / Opera
Rap / Hip Hop
All sorts - Nothing in particular

Pick one of the following:

Dancing at the local club
A night in with a few DVDs
A night at the movies
An expensive dinner at a restaurant
A trip to the zoo

Your favourite drink:

Mixed Fruit Juice
Hot Chocolate

Pick a TV Show:

King of the Hill
The News
Entertainment Tonight
Full House (lol)

Which would you prefer:

to be a millionaire but lonely
to be succesful in your career
to do lots of different things in life
to get by, any way you can
to have a family and buy a home

Who would you prefer to meet:

Michael Jackson
Joan of Arc
Bill Cosby
Jay Z

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